Outdoor Lighting Installation

Beautify and secure your property with a
state of the art lighting system.

Outdoor Lighting

Lighting adds that extra element to your outdoor space. We keep on top of the latest technology in lighting so that we can offer you the best solution for your property.

Whether it’s to increase the focus on a beautiful landscape feature, or provide additional safety on your pathways, we have a large selection to meet your needs. Plus, we can install lighting as part of an overall landscape design or simply add it to your existing landscape.

Efficient and Durable

We are Kichler Pros, which means we are authorized installers for all Kichler lighting products. All the products we install are backed by a 3-year warranty on the install and a 15-year warranty on all bulbs. Kichler systems are extremely efficient because they use LED bulbs. This means they utilize less than 10 watts, instead of 60-100 watts. An entire Kichler Pro system can run on the same wattage of a single, outdated bulb. They also run on timers, or photocells, to most effectively operate your system during different times of the year.

The Extra Step

We know that choosing the right lighting system is a big decision, that’s why we offer the option to come out and demo our lights. We place them around your yard in areas you are considering having illuminated to help you make the right decision.